Porto gig – review

Great to receive this from Pedro Rocha, the promoter of Serralves em Festa in Porto:
can say… it was amazing that, being the closing act of a festival that went on for 40 hours non-stop, A Certain Ratio managed to grab the energy that the audience didn’t know they still had and make the show a highlight of the event. The contagious rhythms, the muscular and warm sounds, the superb synthesis of freshness and history, impregnated mind and body of the thousands of people that gathered in the park for the final hours of the festival.

Pedro Rocha, Promoter


~ by km on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Porto gig – review”

  1. It´s a fantastic show, this concert in Serralves House is fabulous .I´m fan of A Certain Ratio and i remember this concert.Martin Moscrop, Donald Johnson, Jez Kerr, are very bigs and maybe the most importants musicians of the comtemporary pop.Mind made Up fabulous

  2. And i must say this:20 years ago, i see A Certain Ratio in Portugal in party named “Queima das Fitas of students of University of Coimbra”.I was young student of this university…but the feeling is the same:Mind Made Up is fabulous and see A.C.R. another time in my country is to me remember this wonderful times of my youngness

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