Gig dates – 2010

25 Sept 2010 France Marseille Festival MARSATAC
17 July 2010 UK Manchester FAC251
9 July 2010 Italy Fano Moonlight Festival
11 June 2010 UK Manchester Platt Fields with Ian Brown and many more
7 March 2010 UK Brighton Concorde 2 with Danny Rampling + Justin Robertson


41 Responses to “Gig dates – 2010”

  1. come to vancouver!

  2. Vancouver, Canada… that is…


    yes i’m shouting.

    never seen ya’ll live.

  4. come to holland again!
    i saw you at Rotterdam, but come too NIJMEGEN!

  5. we’d like to see ya in paris !
    cheers !

  6. saw acr supported by stereomcs in liverpool 1989.still one of the best gigs ive been to!come back to liverpool lads!
    all the best,dave

  7. LONDON …. West if you can…. Goldhawk Road …. May be in the pub opposite my house… But london is just fine.

    • I’ll be greedy and second the vote for London although I realise you were here twice last year.

      • Were they here twice?

        Just Dingwalls wasn’t it? Or does that thing out in Epping count as ‘London’ too?

        I hope I didn’t miss anything!

  8. Would also love to see you back in Copenhagen. Have fond memories of your legendary live sets.

  9. Alawys a place for you in Blackburn.

  10. nottingham please,rock city needs you….ps bring some dots.

  11. Newcastle. Remember seeing you in what was the Hoffbrauhaus (or whatever) quite a few years back.

  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a gig in Manchester with Section 25 and Delphic in an abandoned warehouse in Ancoats.

  13. Been a long time since you guys played in Sheffield

  14. SAN FRANCISCO!!!! or LA or San Diego or Seattle or Portland.

  15. Some of us fans are getting on and have parental responsibilties, can we have a gig in West London that finishes at 11pm? You played the London Astoria 2 a few years ago (cracking night) that finished at a reasonable time

  16. Play The Band On The Wall again please. An intimate size, a space to dance a decent bar. Who could ask for more?

  17. Come to Australia!

  18. Does anyone know what time the Funkmeisters are on stage on Sunday in Brighton?

  19. There’s a great little venue in Rawtenstall 20 miles up the road – “Artisan Cafe”. You’ll never leave.

  20. According to the LTM website ACR are playing the Jazz Cafe in Camden on June 19th. I remember seeing them there in 1997!

  21. It says on cerysmatic theyre playing Fac 251 on 3rd July,
    is this confirmed? Can i book my train?

    • No its not booked and not confirmed – looking at a different date at the moment. Will be playing there – looking forward to it! – but just trying to work out dates.
      So wouldn’t book your train just yet!

  22. San Francisco is in need of a return visit!!!!I saw you many moons ago at the I-Beam.No longer in existence, alas we have new clubs. DK/SF

  23. Please come to Norwich!

  24. Come to South West London/Surrey! We want to hear the new album live! Enjoying listening to ‘Force’ again… reminiscing re seeing you at The Wag Club many many years ago…

  25. Come back to the US! Saw you open for New Order in 1985. Great!

  26. come to derby !!!! saw you there long long time ago!!

  27. Fantastic gig last night @ the Factory.
    Don you’re still the best drummer.

  28. Gutted, missed the show. Last time I saw you was in 86/87 at the International 3. Tony Wilson was on the keyboards!!!!! Still got all the vinyl. Hope to catch you next time.


  30. Come to the Netherlands again!!! Last time I saw you was in 87 in Sneek. Great concert but to short. Would like to hear more ACR!!

  31. Please make your way toward New York City!

  32. I saw you guys at Danceteria the night Madonna opened for you. Come back to NYC!

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