Gig dates – 2011

November 12th 2011 UK Manchester Band on the Wall
November 11th 2011 UK Manchester Band on the Wall
September 24th 2011 UK Newcastle Hoochie Coochie
July 9th 2011 Italy AZZANO DECIMO Fiera Della Musica
May 2011 UK Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire Friends of Mine Festival ’11


12 Responses to “Gig dates – 2011”

  1. Hi Guys
    I’m a great fan of Your work.
    Ecspielly “this is something that only happens in the night, this is something that only happens when the time is right”. I made a painting of it.
    Have a great new year!!

  2. Just heard Jez on 6 music, saying ACR are playing the Jazz Cafe in March. Any more news??

  3. Knife slits water. Ha ha.fantastic reverbs@2am

  4. Coming down from Edinburgh for the Hoochie Coochie gig – everything is good!

  5. nice one, playing toon’ again, always get canny crowd up ere’

  6. if there is an old guy there right at the front dancing in shorts like a madman its me

  7. Cracking gig last night, always appreciative crowd up her. Cheers for coming back. Skunk, Do The Du, Wild Party, Flight, Rialto 06′, Mind Made Up, Turn Me On, Down Down Down, Wonder Y, Good Together, B Wanna Be, The Big E, Shack Up. Enc: Knife Slits Water, Si Fir Mir Gr…

  8. Seen you guys at Teford’s Warehouse, Chester………excellent guys!!
    Cheers, Ged………

  9. Isn’t it time to come to the Netherlands? In februari 2011 the happy mondays are comming so i think you can’t stay behind 🙂

  10. Yo, come to New Jersey (please). A gig in Asbury Park or Philly would kick *ss.

  11. And back at the Hoochie Coochie again on 22 September 2012! Great news.

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